鈴木 マナ

Suzuki Mana,

NY state Licensed Massage Therapist

<Other Certification>

Myofascial Release Therapy level 1-3
Pre& Postnatal Massage Therapy
Basic Oncology Massage


Swedish Institute Health Science college,NY

•Oasis Day Spa  
•Balanced Health Chairopractic Clinic 
•Maternal Massage and More in SOHO

•Intercontinental hotel Osaka
 “All That Spa” 
•Hotel Kanra Spa Kyoto 


Over 10 advanced years of medical treatment for insomnia during one's teenage years, we have discovered the effectiveness of Massage Therapy and its power of Myofascial approach.

 During mystudy in clinical settings in NewYork and Japan for 7 years, I have discovered this process.

My ultimate goal is to provide my clients , with a therapeutic massage that WILL help you to liberate from your busy life in kyoto.

Register for my massage session, and see visible results of utmost peace, mindfulness and serendity together with me.